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Passenger Entertainment System

This recently built terminal wants to invite you to rest for a while, before you continue your journey to other destinations all over the world. For the Passenger Entertainment System has been constructed recently, only three areas are ready now:


History – What has happened so far ... German

How do you become the Chief Pilot? Are you born as Center of Knowledge or is it possible to obtain the necessary skills? Well, obviously it's not that simple. Here you will find the answers to these questions and you will find out, how it all began: the creation of the Chief Pilot.
(At the moment only German version available)


Rodscher – fun between earth and sky

Radio dialogs between pilots and air traffic control are written down here, sometimes killingly funny you could think they are pure fiction – but they are not. This collection is rather taken from the »fliegermagazin«-book of the same name. For more dialogs I recommend the book.

The radio messages are partly in Englisch, partly in German, but very often mixed. Translated most of them would miss the punch line. All those of you not very familiar with air traffic communications won't get every detail in the beginning, but this isn't essential for the understanding of the joke.


Rodscher Zwo

The fun goes on ... Part two again contains all kinds of unbelievable radio dialogs out of the world of aviation, recorded by controllers, amateur radio operators and pros who had their »ear at the pipe« and wrote it down.


The following topic is already on the way:

Sources of pure knowledge

With this compilation the Center of Knowledge will reveal the source of his comprehensive wisdom for the first time. Just a small hint: The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Obviously self-evident.



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