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Connecting Flights

By following these nonstop connections you will reach many destinations where I drop in regularly. This compilation is by far not complete but exclusively contains sites I personally like.

Thank you very much for visiting my homebase and have a pleasant journey!


 Department of Aerospace Engineering German site
Currently the main area for my activities as Center of Knowledge. German site
At the student's organisation for Aerospace Engineering at the University of Stuttgart (FLURUS) I'm updating the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and providing help and advice for people interested in our studies (who could have guessed?).
During my studies I did an six-month internship from October 1999 until March 2000 at AMECO Beijing, PR China. AMECO Beijing, the Aircraft and Maintenance Corporation located at the Capital Airport of Beijing, is a joint venture between Lufthansa Technik and Air China.


China German site
The Sinicum at the Language Institute of Nordrhein-Westfalen probably offers the best Chinese Language courses in Germany.
The China Club offers a lot of information and hints for travelling in China. Especially the forum is frequently used to discuss problems and questions about country and language.
 German Embassy Peking
The German Embassy in Beijing is the prime adress for solving problems during your stay in the People's Republic.

 Destination China,
 Destination Beijing,
 Destination Shanghai and
 Destination Hongkong
Excerpts of some chapters taken from the highly recommended traveller's guide Lonely Planet are available on-line, too.
China Radio International. You can listen to this famous Chinese radio station via the CRI web-radio. There you will also find the little language course »Learn to speak Chinese sentence by sentence«
The NJStar Communicator is an essential tool for displaying Chinese, Japanese and Korean sites and documents correctly and for writing Far East characters in unicode, GB-code or Big5. The shareware version can easily be downloaded from the NJStar Homepage.

 Chinese Language Web
 Chinese Characters Dictionary Web
These two extensive on-line resources permit comfortable character lookup using various methods. They support GIF image based character display and can therefore be used without special software tools.


Leisure activities /
Friends and Kollegas

Following the slogan »mens sana in corpore sano«, a healthy mind in a healthy body, even a Center of Knowledge has to do something for his physical fitness, of course. German site
The Bavarian Basketball Association (BBV) publishs the recent results, tables and statistics of our team SG Oerlenbach / Ebenhausen. German site
I'm learning Tai Ji Quan since October 2000 at Yuan Hong Li's Tai Chi and Qi Gong School. German site
For times with no sparring-partner available a virtual fight is good for calming down.
Or you take a virtual beer at the Spatzennest in Werneck. German site
Astronomy working group at the
 Walther Rathenau grammer school, Schweinfurt German site
To be able to participate – along with other celebrities of science – in a special research project recently established by the Space Agency for Exploration of Extraterrestrial Alcohol Resources, most of the following mentioned friends and kollegas had to go through the hard élite forge of the Astronomy working group just like me.

The persons concerned with the project in detail: German site
Matthias Maar, responsible for all the divine IT solutions, German site
Thomas Siedler, responsible for all the devilish IT solutions as well as for picture remakes in ToMniColor,
 Matthias Mauder German site,
responsible for terrain analysis, soil sampling and biosphere redesign,
 Patrick Heinrich German site,
Lieutenant P, Security, responsible for fine tuning, as well as
 Stefan Glück German site,
Dipl.-Phys., responsible for all natural and supernatural phenomenons. German site,
All persons concerned with the successfully concluded major project »A-levels 1996 at the Walther Rathenau grammer school in Schweinfurt« are discribed at the above location.
Martin Graf, my internship-kollega during my stay in China and at least as much an addict to China as I am.



The following sites have turned out to be helpful and/or interesting: German site
informs about the world's best acrobat and circus squad, their current program and the tour dates of the Great Chinese State Circus.,
the LEO English/German Dictionary.
An extensive database of flight-accidents supporting queries sorted by aircraft type, airline and accident year. Certainly interesting for choosing the right airline for your next holiday flight.
After entering your location you get the visibility data of the International Space Station ISS, of many other satellites and astronomical events as well.,
the Internet Movie Database permits comprehensive investigations in the field of movies and actors/actresses.


HTML German site
SELFHTML, the HTML documentation of Stefan Münz, which has become the standard reference for German website developers meanwhile.
 The golden rules for bad HTML German site
I put much effort into obeying these rules while designing the Homebase. German site
This Homebase has completely been created with HTML Editor Phase 5 by Ulli Meybohm and Hans-Dieter Berretz.



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